The NYC Innovation Collective is a nonprofit alliance of NYC's top technology organizations working together to support and grow our amazing community. Comprised of 220+ accelerators, incubators, and other platforms of innovation, we are a convening of funding sources, company creation, economic growth, and change. It is our mission to shape and strengthen the innovation ecosystem through increased collaboration, transparency and access in the new economy.



The Collective started in the same way most good companies are started: people coming together to discuss their challenges, collaborate, and find solutions. From just 5 people grabbing beers each month to dozens of organizations in the tech ecosystem coming together to share and collaborate, the community demanded more and we formalized our beer meetups into a non-profit association now helping to lead the NY tech ecosystem. Our founding members include the following organizations:



Thank you to the sponsors and partners that are committed to supporting the future of the NY tech ecosystem and supporting the NYC Innovation Collective on our mission to increase collaboration, transparency, and access in the tech community.



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