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Mastering Innovation KPIs: An Innovation Collective Gathering

With exits and startup growth often outliving the length of an accelerator or innovation program, many question what makes for a successful investment vehicle. What KPIs should I track to measure the success of my program?

The NYC Innovation Collective is gathering to discuss what it really means to run a successful innovation program, whether be it an accelerator, incubator, intensive, bootcamp, or startup community. Two different program leaders will present how they approach tracking success metrics and the KPIs for their innovation programs, with the opportunity for active input welcome in a roundtable format.

Come collaborate and learn from others who also lead the NYC tech ecosystem!


Angelia Muller, Techstars

Angelia is a tech ecosystem builder and investor who built accelerators and investment vehicles for Parsons, Techstars, and Fortune 500s. She has propelled over a hundred entrepreneurs' business, career, and fundraising forward by helping them develop contextual awareness around building great teams and timely frameworks to think about their business.

John Matson, Voyager HQ

John is the Managing Director for Voyager HQ, a club connecting startups, investors, and corporate partners in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. He also co-directs Startup Grind NYC, a monthly speaker series to educate, motivate, and connect entrepreneurs in over 300 cities around the world and cohosts two podcasts, Travel is Your Business, focusing on the intersection of travel, business, and technology, and 5to9, a podcast interviewing people who pursue passions through side projects outside their 9 to 5 jobs.

About the NYC Innovation Collective

The NYC Innovation Collective is a nonprofit alliance of NYC's top technology organizations working together to support and grow our amazing community. Comprised of 100+ accelerators, incubators, and other platforms of innovation, we are a convening of funding sources, company creation, economic growth, and change. It is our mission to shape and strengthen the innovation ecosystem through increased collaboration, transparency and access in the new economy.

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