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Marketing Your Innovation Program

Telling the story of your innovation program can be tricky. There are a few hundred options for founders to find support for their startup in New York City alone. How do you position your incubator or accelerator to stand out, get the reach necessary to show the success of the program in the media, and attract the most promising high-growth companies?

The NYC Innovation Collective is getting together a town hall to hear from two speakers about how they approach marketing their innovation program. Before the session, we'll workshop and aggregate accessible techniques and favorite marketing tools from everyone at the event to come away with tangible resources.

Your speakers include:

Andrew Ackerman

Andrew is a recovering consultant turned serial entrepreneur, startup mentor, and angel investor. He is the Managing Director at Dreamit, currently in charge of the UrbanTech accelerator program. Andrew has also written for Fortune, Forbes, Propmodo, CRE Tech, AlleyWatch, Edsurge, The 74 Million, et. al. Andrew has founded two companies and has a keen appreciation for how hard it is to build a successful startup, even under the best of circumstances. He speaks Hebrew fluently as well as some Spanish, French, Japanese, and JavaScript.

Sunny Parikh

About the NYC Innovation Collective The NYC Innovation Collective is a nonprofit alliance of NYC's top technology organizations working together to support and grow our amazing community. Comprised of 100+ accelerators, incubators, and other platforms of innovation, we are a convening of funding sources, company creation, economic growth, and change. It is our mission to shape and strengthen the innovation ecosystem through increased collaboration, transparency and access in the new economy.

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